Temperature of Worship

Nov 11 , 2020

Temperature of Worship

Let me ask you a question: Who sets the temperature for your worship?

Nowadays I hear so many people put the responsibility of their satisfaction of the worship experience on other people, such as the praise and worship leaders, or the choir, or on just the people around them. And they have even used such criteria as excuses to leave one church and go to another. The reality is true worship does not start when one enters the church (the physical facility), it starts in personal and private time where there are no distractions.

The real reason why many people are quickly bored or dissatisfied with corporate worship is because they have ceased to engage in personal and private worship. The tone and temperature of your worship must not be predicated on instruments, rhythms, grooves, or even the precise harmony of praise and worship leaders. The tone and temperature of your worship must be predicated on your personal relationship with God and your love for Him. When that becomes your focus, the performance of others or a particular style will not govern your ability to worship, or lack thereof, but the Holy Spirit by reason of His presence in your life will set the tone and light the fires of worship that should burn in you constantly.

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